Ahoy in the port of Straubing-Sand

Logistics meets bioeconomy

Harbor – images form in the mind: long barges. Thick ropes. Heavy equipment. Hustle and bustle. In Straubing-Sand, at Danube kilometer 2313, there is all of this. With 4 million tons of goods handled per year, the port of Straubing is one of the most efficient freight transport centers in southern Germany. But we believe in purpose, not just growth.

Trimodally positioned, our focus in the area of handling and logistics is on strengthening water and rail. It is not enough for us to set off for new shores with environmentally friendly modes of transport. Rather, with our 12-hectare BioCampus, we want to offer an anchorage for the raw materials transition and a prime address for innovations in the bioeconomy. Whether start-up or established company: The bio-based economy will find an excellent infrastructure at the port of Straubing-Sand with a technology and start-up center, a multi-purpose demonstration plant for industrial biotechnology and non-university research facilities. This creates new markets with meaning. Together with the facilities of the Straubing Competence Center for Renewable Resources, we are setting sail towards sustainability.

If you like our profile, you can enter the port of Straubing-Sand even without bioeconomy or logistics in your signature. Our technology and start-up center offers start-ups from all sectors flexible space, comprehensive services and a relaxed environment. On the 220-hectare port area, fully developed industrial and commercial spaces from S to XL are available for those interested in settling here. Attractive conference and catering facilities in the very special field of tension between innovation, sustainability and the port offer the right atmosphere for conferences and events of all kinds.

So that the images in your head become even more vivid: Ahoy and welcome to the port of Straubing-Sand!

Do you have any questions, concerns or an interest in settling here? We will take you personally – click here for the contact persons.

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Logistics Quay

Handling & logistics – the core business at the port of Straubing-Sand. Trimodal – by water, rail and road – the port crew and settlers handle 4 million tons of goods annually.

Organic Quay

Bio-based economy? Find out what it’s all about, why the port of Straubing is pointing its compass towards a bio-based future and what services are on offer here.


A long name, but otherwise the perfect home port for anyone who wants to set off into the wide world with their start-up from here: discover the Technology & Start-up Center and its services!


Whether it’s a 20 m² office, several hectares of industrial space or an existing property: the real estate service in Straubing harbor offers solutions from S to XXL for “dropping anchor”.

Always well connected

Port of Straubing-Sand

Due to its convenient multimodal connections and the location of numerous international logistics companies, the port of Straubing-Sand is one of the leading freight transport centers in Bavaria. The location offers an efficient water and rail connection and is linked to the A3 and A92 via the B20. Straubing has an efficient regional airport and Munich International Airport is less than an hour’s drive away. No matter which mode of transport you want to use, you are optimally connected here.

News from the port

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